F2P Journey: A Planetside Romp

I’m not a huge FPS player. But with my limited time due to school and work, I’ve learned to appreciate the quick fun a shooter game can offer. Just jump in, shoot things for 30 minutes, and then drop out. You don’t have to worry about your character’s progress or gear, just the number of your kills and how to improve your skills. As of late, I’ve been wasting what free time I have in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode and Tribes: Ascend. So, when I heard about Planetside 2, a free to play MMOFPS like Tribes, I just had to try it.

I haven’t played the first game that was released back in 2003. But, from what I’ve read, Planetside 2 is a direct remake of the original. It’s a massive game where millions of players engage in close, vehicular and air combat to capture and hold territories. Since I love PvP games with siege features, like WAR and Guild Wars 2, the game appealed to me.

I chose the New Conglomerate as my faction. I didn’t choose them for what they stand for. In fact, after a few hours of playing Planetside 2, I still don’t know what they stand for or what makes the faction special. All I know is while I was choosing factions, New Conglomerate’s background music –a Southern Metal guitar riff– made me feel so bad-ass and drew me in.

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel so much of a bad-ass when I got to the battlefield. I pretty much died a few seconds after my initial deployment, without even knowing who shot me. I didn’t fare too well after my redeployment, and all the drops that followed, either. I spent the first hour two hours dying, by being cornered by tanks, running in the open and shot at from above, or just walking in front of a vehicle pad. The maps are just so big in this game that it’s really hard to get to know your way around.

But what killed the game for me is the lag. Planetside 2 is CPU hungry, and what I’m running with now (Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3.00 GHz), I’m only getting an average of 15 FPS at the lowest settings. No matter how good my twitch skills are (which aren’t much) it’s hampered by my hardware. So, until I upgrade my PC, which won’t be anytime soon, I’m going to stay away from this game.

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