Capping Toons

Capping at least three toons is one of my resolutions for 2013. I could do more, probably. But, between school and working full-time, I don’t want to stretch myself thin and come up short. After all, I’ve 12 other resolutions to see through to the end of this year. So, three should be enough.

Picking out three toons to pour my full attention into was tough. I’ve multiple MMOs installed in my PC right now, and I’ve a couple of F2Ps that I wanted to try. But, in order to keep the ball running, I have to choose. So, choose I did.

The Main Three

GW2_aetheneng001Aethenbrior Burnfur (Engineer, Guild Wars 2)
I haven’t played, or even logged into, Guild Wars 2 since last October. Part of it was because of school, and the other reason was because of system lag. So, my main is stuck at level 60 right now, and I think it’s time for me to dig him out. I’d probably start leveling him around the summer, when school’s done. Or whenever my budget is ready for a new PC. It’s just hard to play WvWvW with, and against, hundreds of other players using my relic of a PC.

SWTOR_skeeraknight001Skeera Shide (Jedi Knight, Star Wars: The Old Republic)
I’m enjoying my time in SWTOR right now. I just queue for Warzones while doing my storyline missions. Easy. No grind at all. So, leveling Skeera won’t feel like a chore. Of course, I’ll be earning a lot less XP once my subscription expires next week. But that’ll only slow me down, not make leveling hard. My forecast is that Skeera will hit 50 (or 55) before the end of Spring.

DDO-2Surthor Sunclaw (Druid/Fighter, Dungeons & Dragons Online)
Surthor is perhaps my favorite MMO character. I really love playing him. He’s an all around Half-Orc that can heal and kill, shape-shift and cast Icestorms. Getting him to level 25 from level 9 might take me sometime though. But DDO’s episodic dungeon system actually fits right in my hectic schedule. A few hours of doing dungeon runs, a little bit of XP earned, a little bit I’m closer to my goal. I’m pretty confident that I’d cap him by the end of this year.

Other Toons

Kelvorn (Champion, The Lord of the Rings Online)
I started a project of fixing my champion in LOTRO a few months ago. But that hasn’t gone anywhere at all. Not that I’ve abandoned the project, it’s just I’m way too lost with this character. I’m also not sure if I have enough adventure packs to reach level cap.

Soledad “Solpura” Vaca (The Secret World)
The Secret World is my MMO of the month. I love almost everything about this game, and I can’t stop myself from playing it. But the thing about TSW is that there are no levels. Hence, no level cap. Unless, of course, you consider having every ability in the ability wheel as a level cap. But that’s insane, and nigh impossible for me to do. So, I’m just going to try and, at least, get two decks (Magus and Puritan) for Soledad.

These are some of the characters that I want to cap this year. I haven’t capped a character for almost two years now (the last time was with RIFT, back in March of 2011). So, wish me time and patience on seeing this resolution through.


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