[TSW] What’s Bannerman’s Password?

Solpura, Rank 2 Templar.

Solpura, Rank 2 Templar.

I’m into PvP. I’m not that good at it but I enjoy it a lot. So, in order for a MMO to succeed at holding my attention, it must have PvP. Or it could also have a really awesome PvE content. And The Secret World has that kind of PVE.

The Secret World’s quest system isn’t all that revolutionary. Your missions are still of the “FedEx” and “kill ten rats” variety. But the way they present these missions in cutscenes can be very immersive, much like in SWTOR. Except that the writing is even more amped up in this game –thanks to Tornquist’s direction. The quest givers are fleshed out. They put the character back in NPC. They made me care about them and, by extension, the missions that they gave me.

The investigative missions, however, are quite unique. Some of them are fun, some aren’t, and some are just frustrating. In these quests, the clues are also found outside the game. So, usually, you need to get in the internet. Funcom even created fake websites (like the Orochi-Group) for these missions, and I applaud them for that.

The first investigative mission I did required me to log in to a password-protected PC. Using the clues I found in the room and Wikipedia, I was able to figure out the password. There was also a mission that you can’t solve unless you die. I was stuck in it for awhile until I found out you can see other things when your dead. Some quests even requires you to open up a real bible IRL, which I think is too much. So, I used the guide from Unfair instead.

I haven’t tried the lairs yet, unfortunately. I’ve been too caught up running around, meeting people and doing missions. Right now, I’m holed up doing things for the survivors –whom I really love– in Innsmouth Academy. But I don’t think I want to do dungeons in here. At least, not with random people. But we’ll see. After all, grouping in-game is one of my New Year’s resolution.


  1. Winged Nazgul · · Reply

    Do the dungeons. They are one of the strengths of TSW and I would say the best to be found in any MMO.

    1. I’ll definitely try the one in Savage Coast after I’m done with all the quests in the area.

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