[GW2] Healing and Dodging For Laurels

gw121A slew of new content in Guild Wars 2 will be heading towards us these upcoming months, ArenaNet says. So, in order to participate in these updates, I dug out Aethenbrior –even though I was planning to level him around the Summer or whenever my PC is WvWvW ready– to take part in the “Frost and Flame: Prelude” which is a, as the official homepage states:

…prologue to a multi-stage narrative that will bring big changes to Guild Wars 2 in the months to come.

The “Frost and Flame: Prelude” is, unfortunately, the first GW2 event that I’ve partaken. Because of hectic school and work schedule, I missed the first three events (“Shadow of the Mad King”, “The Lost Shores”, and “Wintersday”). This year, I’ll make sure that I won’t.

Going back to the game was a little bit of a disjointed experience, at first, being gone from it for more than 3 months. I pretty much forgot that there are no quest givers in the game, or that you can actually move while attacking. But I quickly found my way around.

I didn’t travel to Diessa Plateau or Wayfarer Foothills to participate in the “Living Story” series. Instead, I stayed where I was, in the Fireheart Rise, and started doing the Dailies to earn a laurel, a new currency that can be used to buy a wide array of items. Much to my surprise, there are new Dailies. They also change everyday. But, last night, I got Daily Heals and Dodge.

Being by myself in the area, I started to worry that I won’t be able to complete my Heals. Luckily, there were dead NPCs in the Severed Reach Waypoint. There’s also an event in the same area that keeps them getting killed. Completing the Daily Dodge was trickier, however. Initially, like with the Daily Heals, I thought I won’t be able to finish it. But I ended up looking for ranged mobs and timed their attacks. It took me awhile (an hour maybe) but I fared better than these guys.

It feels great to be playing Guild Wars 2 again. I almost forgot how awesome this game is. Sadly, I’ll stay away from my beloved WvWvW for awhile. Being my PC not handling it too well. However, I’m thinking that I should try the sPvP.


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