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The Wastrel Gamer: Steam Sale Aftermath

The Steam Summer Sale is finally done and over with. Like with most of their sales events, I like this one too. No, scratch that. I like this one the most. A lot of games were put on sale this year. A lot (but not Warlock). Besides the usual Daily Deals and the Package Deals, […]

[Film] The Dark Knight Pleases

Have you watched The Dark Knight Rises yet? No? Well, get out of here and go see it. Because this post will have some spoilers. The Frugal Gamer (emphasis on the gamer) is a blog about gaming. So, why is there a post about a movie in here? Well, if I’m willing to skip the […]

[GW2] Reasons Why I’ll Skip The Final Beta

Guild Wars 2’s release date is fast approaching. Like many, I’m also very excited to play the game. Before we get our hands on the final build of GW2, however, ArenaNet has given us one last opportunity to dive into the beta, and maybe find some more bugs to squash. But, as much as I want […]

Dirt Cheap Games #2

There are lot of bargains going on today. So, if you’re too poor to do something over this weekend, and if you have nothing to play with, I got you covered. Also, it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday. If you have a gamer mom or a gamer wife who’s a mom, you need to show your […]