Cheap & Indie: FTL FTW!

The slaver ship took a damaging blow when my Artemis missile hit its weapons system. So, like what any scum would do, the slavers tried to bribe their way out of my punishing fire by offering me a slave. I refused, and turned their ship (including the slaves within) into space debris. Now, the universe is a bit safer with less slavers in it.

When I jumped into the next system, I encountered an enemy ship. Its crew boarded my own, and an internal ship battle ensued. My crew fought valiantly but, alas, I was out-manned: 3 of mine against 4 of his. In hindsight, I wish I had accepted that free slave from the slavers. Then, maybe, just maybe, the ship named “Arcatus VI” would still be in commission.


One of my many ships in FTL that failed.

That’s what I love about FTL: Faster Than Light –its randomness and weird twists. Your most sound decisions, while they can save you now, could also undo you later on. With limited resources, you’ll be torn between choices like hiring a new crew member, upgrading your ship or buying more fuel. If you choose to outfit your ship with defenses and weaponry, even you can tackle a whole enemy fleet, you’ll still be susceptible to boarding (like my “Arcatus VI” was) when you eschew bolstering your crew.

Even mundane decisions like refueling can be paramount in this game. Because randomness in FTL can be cruel sometimes, even if your ship is well-crewed, well-outfitted and well-stocked, there’s a chance that you might not see a store or get fuel as a reward on your encounters. Running out of fuel could end the game for you, of course. Since you’d have no way to propel your ship and outrun your enemies (which is the main plot of the game).

Since it’s a rogue-like game, death in FTL is permanent. I know that sounds horrible. But that’s part of its charm. That is what makes it so addicting and absorbing. When my first ship, “The Arcatus”, got caught by the enemy, I built another ship and told myself to go faster this time. Every time this game beats you, you just want to get up and give it right back. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet. One day, however. One day.

FTL is just a fun game, and a lot of gamers would agree with me. It has already garnered a lot of awards, including the most coveted Flushies (Best non-MMO Game) by Syp. So, if you haven’t played this game, you can grab this on Steam for $7.50 (regular at $10) until the 5th of January. But, if you wait, I’m pretty sure it’ll appear again on either one of Steam’s sales (Daily Deal, Community’s Choice or Flash Sales) and snag it for $5 like I did yesterday.

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