[TSW] Hammer Time!

Solpura had 48 unspent ability points when I logged in to The Secret World last night. Partly because I was saving them for a 50 AP Shotgun ability. But mostly because I don’t know how to properly build a character in this game.

When I started playing TSW, I thought that if I just focus on a single part of the ability wheel (in my case, the shotgun), I’d be okay. But I was wrong. I got ripped apart by “same-level” mobs when I got to The Savage Coast. That troubled me. It sent me digging for answers on the interwebs as to why my build sucked. After a few clicks, I found the problem: I didn’t have enough finishers (or consumers).

Since I only dumped my points into Shotgun (and a couple into Blood Magic for protection and healing), I only had 1 type of weapon resource. So, once I popped any of my shotgun finishers, I have to build resources again. My DPS dropped pretty low because of this, and I had to “anima-walk” back to my corpse plenty of times. But I knew where the problem laid, and I patched it with my remaining 48 ability points.

I invested on a second weapon, and choose a hammer. Because, since I’m only vaguely familiar with TSW’s ability wheel to properly delve into theory crafting, I’m following the Puritan deck. I’m also after it’s costume. Because corset-wearing, gun-wielding women are hot (case in point, check out Beckinsale).

Hammer Time!

Hammer Time!

Anyways, ever since then, I’ve been able to tackle mobs whose “levels” are equal to mine. I use build weapon resources for both shotgun and hammer using “Pump Action”. Once the resources are full, I fire up two consumers: “Out for a Kill” (Shotgun) and “Hell to Pay” (Hammer). It makes a huge dent on my opponent’s health bar.

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