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Cheap & Indie: FTL FTW!

The slaver ship took a damaging blow when my Artemis┬ámissile┬áhit its weapons system. So, like what any scum would do, the slavers tried to bribe their way out of my punishing fire by offering me a slave. I refused, and turned their ship (including the slaves within) into space debris. Now, the universe is a […]

The Wastrel Gamer: Black Friday Aftermath

Online sales went up to $1 billion on this year’s Black Friday. I’m happy to say that, no matter how small, I had a contribution in that sales report. The month of November couldn’t be more spectacular for me. I received a pay raise earlier this month, became an employee of the month, and had […]

Dirt Cheap Games #3

Everyone’s throwing a sale today. Lot’s of good stuff too. Like $5 good. Which I’m glad because I’d rather be cooped up here at home rather than go out –with all that NATO summit and protests going on here in Chicago. But, anyways, in this post: Amazon’s Game Downloads Mayhem, Steam’s Ubisoft Weekend, and Gamesgate’s […]

Dirt Cheap Games #2

There are lot of bargains going on today. So, if you’re too poor to do something over this weekend, and if you have nothing to play with, I got you covered. Also, it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday. If you have a gamer mom or a gamer wife who’s a mom, you need to show your […]