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Cheap & Indie: 10000000

I rarely buy games through word of mouth alone. Since I’m thrifty with money, I always read copious amounts of reviews before I lay down my hard earned cash on a game. But when Felicia Day tweeted that she was playing 10000000, I immediately bought the game. I didn’t read any reviews. I didn’t ask […]

F2P Journey: SWTOR

Technically, it’s not exactly a free-to-play journey. The boxed copy of SWTOR that I got for Christmas, which I only received yesterday, granted me a 30-day subscription and a subscribed player status. But I’m not clear on the difference between the subscribed, preferred and free-to-play players. Well, maybe except for the number of quickbars they […]

13 Resolutions for 2013

I never liked making resolutions. I never follow them. But after almost being successful with mine’s last year (and I would’ve been successful –taking a picture a day and sleeping at least 7 hours– had I not went back to school), I’m planning to do another this year. I will keep it simple and realistically […]

Best Games of 2012

Being a frugal gamer was incredible in 2012. Most of the games I played last year were priced at next to nothing or at nothing at all. A lot of online games hopped into the free-to-play bandwagon. These F2P games kept me occupied, and gave me something to write about. Independent developers also found ways to […]

Cheap & Indie: FTL FTW!

The slaver ship took a damaging blow when my Artemis missile hit its weapons system. So, like what any scum would do, the slavers tried to bribe their way out of my punishing fire by offering me a slave. I refused, and turned their ship (including the slaves within) into space debris. Now, the universe is a […]

The Wastrel Gamer: Black Friday Aftermath

Online sales went up to $1 billion on this year’s Black Friday. I’m happy to say that, no matter how small, I had a contribution in that sales report. The month of November couldn’t be more spectacular for me. I received a pay raise earlier this month, became an employee of the month, and had […]

Waking Up

Real life happened and I fell off the grid –from Tyria, Eberron, Middle-Earth and the blogosphere. Both school and work demanded my full attention, and I had to temporarily shelf blogging and gaming in order to catch up. So, instead of taking my Charr Engineer to level 80 or fixing Kelvorn, I had to write an essay […]

[LotRO] Full Steam to Moria, Mirkwood and Isengard

If you love LotRO but have been busy playing Guild Wars 2 lately, you might want to stop and check out Steam right now. Because our beloved distributor of digital games has just added The Lord of the Rings Online: Triple Pack on their list. The pack includes all three current expansions —Mines of Moria, Siege of […]

[DDO] Adventure Pack Review #01

The DDO store is having a 35% off sale on select adventure packs this week. Like I’ve mentioned in my last post, A Guide To Frugal Living In Eberron, adventure packs trumps over everything else when it comes to buying from the cash shop. So, if you’ve been saving your Turbine Points, now’s the time […]

[DDO] A Guide For Frugal Living In Eberron

As of this writing, I’ve clocked in 61 hours in DDO, which makes it my “most played MMO” since RIFT. So, I guess I’ve earned a bit of right to impart some advice, of how to survive Eberron without spending real-world dime on the game’s cash store. What is Favor? First things first, you need […]