[GW2] Living Story

Aethenbrior, sharing a fire with a refugee.

Aethenbrior, sharing a fire with a refugee.

Shut in by a moderate snow storm this last weekend, I was able to spend some quality time with Guild Wars 2 and gave “Living Story” a spin, days after it went live.

The “Living Story” (a part of the huge January content update) is a themed story arc that will slowly unfold in the next few months. Right now, since we’re only at its prelude stage, there’s really nothing major going on. But a bunch of Norn and Charr refugees are streaming in from the north, and traveling towards their respective capital cities.

As a player, in order to participate in the Living Story, you need to travel to Wayfarer Hills and/or Diessa Plateau and help the refugees in anyway you can –either by fixing sign posts to guide them, gathering mementos from the dead ones, or nursing them back to health. The tasks are menial, I know. But do 75 of these and you’ll earn the Refugee Volunteer achievement, the “Volunteer” title and a Refugee’s Child Drawing, an account bound item which you can consume for 5K karma.

But what I love about the Living Story is that it gave me an incentive to visit a low level area that I haven’t been to yet (Wayfarer Hills). So, I was able to tick some waypoints there, and that brought me closer to map completion. In addition, most of the player population were concentrated in these areas. As a result, dynamic events were popping out every second. A meta event (it was called Frozen Maw, I believe) even took place, and I haven’t seen one since the early days of the game’s release.

In itself, the “Living Story” isn’t all that much. It’s alright to see something new, I guess. But, as I’ve said, I love it because it got most of the players into just a few areas, which increased the activity of events. It’s exciting to see players from all levels doing events all together. If the next stage of the Living Story arc is much like this, then I’m all for it.

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