[SWTOR] I Prefer Preferred

Skeera, moving up in the galaxy.

Skeera, moving up in the galaxy.

I have two weeks left until my time as a subbed player in SWTOR expires. So, I researched the privileges between subbed players and preferred players. It turns out that, as busy person who play multiple MMOs, I don’t have much to lose when my status goes down to preferred. In fact, being a preferred player works out a lot for me. Here are my several reasons as to why:

1. A Casual MMO. 
SWTOR will be my casual MMO. I’ll only play it when I’m getting tired of other MMO games like The Secret World or Guild Wars 2. So, I won’t really spend much time here and don’t need to be subscribed.

2. A “Play-To-Finish” MMO
I play SWTOR for its story –which I will have full access to as a preferred player– and treat it like a Knights of the Old Republic game. My goal here is to finish my Jedi Sentinel’s story and level cap her to 50. Once I’m done with that, I’ll probably move on to another game. So, I have no plans running alts or doing any endgame content  –which I will have limited access to.

3. Warzones
I enjoy the Warzones in this game. However, when my status goes down to preferred, I’ll only be able to access the Warzones 5x a week. But, to me, since I’ll be writing Psych papers and buried on A&P books, that’s ample time. However, it’s too bad that won’t be able to join ranked matches.

So, these are my reasons why I prefer being a preferred player.


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