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[GW2] Living Story

Shut in by a moderate snow storm this last weekend, I was able to spend some quality time with Guild Wars 2 and gave “Living Story” a spin, days after it went live. The “Living Story” (a part of the huge January content update) is a themed story arc that will slowly unfold in the next few […]

[GW2] Healing and Dodging For Laurels

A slew of new content in Guild Wars 2 will be heading towards us these upcoming months, ArenaNet says. So, in order to participate in these updates, I dug out Aethenbrior –even though I was planning to level him around the Summer or whenever my PC is WvWvW ready– to take part in the “Frost […]

Capping Toons

Capping at least three toons is one of my resolutions for 2013. I could do more, probably. But, between school and working full-time, I don’t want to stretch myself thin and come up short. After all, I’ve 12 other resolutions to see through to the end of this year. So, three should be enough. Picking out […]

The Epicness of Foghladha

As a frugalist, I also try to live as a minimalist. Which means, besides my comic book collection, I really don’t own a lot. This too applies with my online characters. That’s why I couldn’t participate in Ambermist‘s August challenge, in which we were suppose to showcase our in-game collections, because I had nothing to […]

[GW2] A Time To Be Useless

Three 12-hour work days and three 8-hour school days compose my entire week. Whatever time I have left is usually spent on writing papers or studying, leaving almost nothing for this blog or my other hobbies. I do, of course, sneak into Guild Wars 2 from time to time. But not long enough to make […]

[GW2] Eternally Queuing For Battlegrounds

I no longer see some of the cracks that we fell into during Guild Wars 2’s headstart. The trading post is now working. Some of the dynamic events –that weren’t working properly during the headstart– aren’t bug anymore. Also, being booted to the overflow server isn’t as rampant as before. But new cracks have appeared. […]

[GW2] A Rocky (Head)Start

I’m royally late with this post. I know. But going to school and working full time –and playing Guild Wars 2 in between– has significantly reduced my time for blogging and anything else. Anyways, here’s my two cents about the headstart (or the 4th beta weekend event). Having experienced a launch as smooth as RIFT’s, […]

[GW2] Remembering Roger “Oldroar” Rall

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AUGUST 27TH 2012 – The Gaiscioch Family would cordially like to invite everyone who knew, loved, shared a memory with, or was touched by his story to join us in celebration of Roger “Oldroar” Rall’s life and achievements. The memorial will be staged in Guild Wars 2 at Shaemoor Garrison in Queensdale […]

[GW2] Launch Preparations #3: Last Minute Preparations

So, I’ve chosen my server and my mind is set on my main character. What else have I missed? A lot, apparently. 1. PC Tweaks. My desktop can still handle new games. Not on ultra settings, of course. But it can still run on high and medium, and that’s good enough for me. Lately, however, […]

[GW2] Launch Preparations #2: Races, Professions, Builds

Like many others, who will be playing Guild Wars 2 this weekend, I also had a hard time deciding on my main character. Questions like “Which race to pick?” and “What profession should I start with?” had assailed my mind these past few days. Should I go with a Human Thief, whom I really enjoyed […]