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Best Games of 2012

Being a frugal gamer was incredible in 2012. Most of the games I played last year were priced at next to nothing or at nothing at all. A lot of online games hopped into the free-to-play bandwagon. These F2P games kept me occupied, and gave me something to write about. Independent developers also found ways to […]

Shooting Down UFOs

While everyone around me are increasingly getting stressed over the Holidays, my engines are actually cooling down. Winter break in school has just started and –as a cheapskate who doesn’t have a long list of people to gift– I’m also done with my Christmas shopping. So, this leaves me time to play all some of […]

Waking Up

Real life happened and I fell off the grid –from Tyria, Eberron, Middle-Earth and the blogosphere. Both school and work demanded my full attention, and I had to temporarily shelf blogging and gaming in order to catch up. So, instead of taking my Charr Engineer to level 80 or fixing Kelvorn, I had to write an essay […]

Wordless Wednesday: Reckoning

Wordless Wednesday: Bullet

Wordless Wednesday: A Memorial

[ME3] The Extended Cut

I’m one of the many gamers who were gravely disappointed with Mass Effect 3’s ending. After all the careful choices I’ve made in game, I was really dying to find out if the Krogans will have another rebellion, or if the Geth/Quarian relationship will last, at the end of the story. Sadly, those were denied […]

[ME3] Searching For Vorchas

Besides the occasional Counter-Strike or Left 4 Dead with real life friends, I really don’t play co-op or team vs. team shooter games. But Mass Effect 3, in hopes of getting a better ending by increasing my galactic readiness and military strength, managed to lure me into playing its co-op multiplayer game. It was a […]

Wordless Wednesday: Squad

Dirt Cheap Games #5

In bargains, nothing else is of note this week except for The Humble Indie Bundle V. As a cheapskate gamer, I’ve been an adamant supporter of this promo since its inception back in 2010. Now, in its fifth iteration, you can get a bundle of four great indie titles like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Psychonauts, […]