13 Resolutions for 2013

I never liked making resolutions. I never follow them. But after almost being successful with mine’s last year (and I would’ve been successful –taking a picture a day and sleeping at least 7 hours– had I not went back to school), I’m planning to do another this year. I will keep it simple and realistically achievable though.

#01 Save more.
While I didn’t break my savings open (which I haven’t done since 2008) when I went back to school last year, I didn’t see it rise either. So, I’m going to put at least a grand to it this year.

#02 Play more cheap indie games and F2p MMO.
2012 was a great year for indie games and F2P MMO. I hope that trend extend to this year as well.

#03 Don’t buy AAA games (unless it’s %50 off).
With great upcoming titles, like Beyond and Last of Us on the PS3, it’s going to be hard not to. So, I need to be extremely tight pursed this year.

#04 Read more.
I only read six books last year. Pathetic, I know. I need to, at least, quadruple that amount this year. I even signed up for the 2013 Reading Challenge on Goodreads. But first, I need to burn through my ridiculously growing back log.

#05 Blog more.
This blog almost fell apart when I went to school last year. But with a bit more free time on my schedule this year, a post per week seems doable.

#06 Attend more geeky events.
I’m a closet geek. But I’m going to come out by attending nerdier events like comics and games convention.

#07 Take more pictures.
Doing a project 365 is impossible with my schedule. But I’m going to take my camera out at least once a week.


My Half-Orc Druid/Fighter in DDO. He’s begging to be capped.

#08 Cap at least 3 characters.
I have a lot of uncapped characters spanning in different games. So, I’m going to cap at least three. I’m not sure which one to cap first, however.

#09 Group more in-game.
I hardly never group. Because I dislike to engage in small talk, and I also dislike feeling bad for not engaging in small talk. But I’m going to break that this year.

#10 Organize an in-game event.
I organized an in-game RP event once, in RIFT. It was a beautiful chaos. I’m going to try that, at least, once this year.

#11 Tweet more.
With no time to blog, I think I’m going to utilize Twitter for my in-game updates and quickie reviews.

#12 Travel some.
I’ve never been outside of Illinois, or even Chicagoland, for two years now. Going somewhere would be nice. I’m thinking Seattle for PAX Prime, San Diego for SDCC, or Connecticut to visit my cousin.

#13 Lose some weight.
I look good. But still 20 lbs overweight. I need to lose that.

These are my resolutions for 2013. Please tell me they’re doable.


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