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Best Games of 2012

Being a frugal gamer was incredible in 2012. Most of the games I played last year were priced at next to nothing or at nothing at all. A lot of online games hopped into the free-to-play bandwagon. These F2P games kept me occupied, and gave me something to write about. Independent developers also found ways to […]

Pulling A Game Out of a Hat: An MMO Time Management.

Yesterday, Syp of BioBreak wrote about the “Four Methods of Juggling MMOs“. In that post, I also left a comment where I said I juggle MMOs by drawing them out of a hat. While it may seem I was just trolling on the blog, I’m actually not. I’m a person blessed with plenty of hobbies and […]

[Diablo III] Dawn Rose Over The Festering Woods

So, my 96% Magic Find on Diablo III finally paid off in Nightmare Mode. It was when I found a good place to farm for loot. That place is The Festering Woods. The Festering Woods is in Act 1. It’s accessible after you receive a quest from Alaric, to prove that you’re a Nephalem and then […]

[Diablo III] Yet Another Version of a Crit Barb

Thanks to the long Memorial Day weekend, I’ve finally finished Diablo III. Surprisingly, this game isn’t too terrible at all. I bought it for its addictive nature of finding golden legendary items, and to prove that my build can own Inferno Mode (it won’t). But I found its story to be rather good also, or […]

[Diablo III] Farm The Butcher

I spent some quality time with Diablo III, yesterday and today, and did things that I wasn’t able to during its launch, which are joining public games and buying items from the auction house. When I logged into the game last night (saying this is weird because the game isn’t an MMO…or is it?), two […]

The Wastrel Gamer: Diablo III

I am a frugal person. But, from time to time, I do allow myself an ounce profligacy and buy new games in full price. I already bought Mass Effect 3 earlier this year, and then pre-purchased Guild Wars 2. Now, my latest frivolous purchase is Diablo III. Initially, I didn’t plan on getting Diablo III on its […]