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Capping Toons

Capping at least three toons is one of my resolutions¬†for 2013. I could do more, probably. But, between school and working full-time, I don’t want to stretch myself thin and come up short. After all, I’ve 12 other resolutions to see through to the end of this year. So, three should be enough. Picking out […]

[SWTOR] I Prefer Preferred

I have two weeks left until my time as a subbed player in SWTOR expires. So, I researched the privileges between subbed players and preferred players. It turns out that, as busy person who play multiple MMOs, I don’t have much to lose when my status goes down to preferred. In fact, being a preferred […]

F2P Journey: SWTOR

Technically, it’s not exactly a free-to-play journey. The boxed copy of SWTOR that I got for Christmas, which I only received yesterday, granted me a 30-day subscription and a subscribed player status. But I’m not clear on the difference between the subscribed, preferred and free-to-play players. Well, maybe except for the number of quickbars they […]

13 Resolutions for 2013

I never liked making resolutions. I never follow them. But after almost being successful with mine’s last year (and I would’ve been successful –taking a picture a day and sleeping at least 7 hours– had I not went back to school), I’m planning to do another this year. I will keep it simple and realistically […]

F2P Journey: A Planetside Romp

I’m not a huge FPS player. But with my limited time due to school and work, I’ve learned to appreciate the quick fun a shooter game can offer. Just jump in, shoot things for 30 minutes, and then drop out. You don’t have to worry about your character’s progress or gear, just the number of […]

[LotRO] Project: Fixing Kelvorn

Kelvorn, a Human Champion, is my first MMO character, and I still have a ton of memories being a noob with him. So, I feel a bit guilty for benching him in favor of Scorbo, my Hobbit Burglar. I mean the toon has been sitting at level 31 since July 2007. That’s more than 5 […]

[GW2] A Time To Be Useless

Three 12-hour work days and three 8-hour school days compose my entire week. Whatever time I have left is usually spent on writing papers or studying, leaving almost nothing for this blog or my other hobbies. I do, of course, sneak into Guild Wars 2 from time to time. But not long enough to make […]

[LotRO] Full Steam to Moria, Mirkwood and Isengard

If you love LotRO but have been busy playing Guild Wars 2 lately, you might want to stop and check out Steam right now. Because our beloved¬†distributor¬†of digital games has just added The Lord of the Rings Online: Triple Pack on their list. The pack includes all three current expansions —Mines of Moria, Siege of […]

[LotRO] An Indian Summer

Guild Wars 2 is the “it” game, and my main game, right now. So, with what little time I have between school and work, I was surprised that I was able to break away from it and play LotRO. What brought me back to LotRO is the Summer Festival. Honestly, the festival bored the heck […]

[DDO] Adventure Pack Review #01

The DDO store is having a 35% off sale on select adventure packs this week. Like I’ve mentioned in my last post, A Guide To Frugal Living In Eberron, adventure packs trumps over everything else when it comes to buying from the cash shop. So, if you’ve been saving your Turbine Points, now’s the time […]