New Year, New MMOs

The Secret World. Her milkshake brings all the ugly boys in the yard.

The Secret World. Her milkshake brings all the ugly boys in the yard.

I’ve always wanted to play The Secret World. Its contemporary setting riddled with conspiracies, myths and legends had piqued my interest during its development stage. Plus, its created by Ragnar Tornquist, the guy who also brought us The Longest Journey (which was my favorite adventure game until it was ousted by The Walking Dead). But I didn’t play it because it required a monthly subscription.

I’ve also wanted to play Star Wars: The Old Republic. Just because its Star Wars. But, most importantly, it’s also set in the Old Republic, which I’ve become overly fond of ever since I played Knights of the Old Republic almost ten years ago. But I didn’t play it either. Like The Secret World, it also required a monthly subscription, and I have an aversion to the pay-to-play model.

But that was a few months back. The Secret World is now following Guild Wars 2 “pay once to play” model. So, before Steam ended their holiday sale yesterday, I grabbed TSW for $22.50. Star Wars has also dropped their subscription model a few months ago. But, due to time constraints, a trek to the galaxy far, far away wasn’t in my plans. That changed yesterday when I received  a boxed copy of SWTOR, a very late Christmas present from my cousin in NY.

So, now, I have two new MMOs to play around with. Which I’m sort of glad. Sort of, because I have two new games but I have to ignore Guild Wars 2, DDO and chores. It’s good thing I’m on a short, 5-day vacation.

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