The Wastrel Gamer: Black Friday Aftermath

Online sales went up to $1 billion on this year’s Black Friday. I’m happy to say that, no matter how small, I had a contribution in that sales report.

The month of November couldn’t be more spectacular for me. I received a pay raise earlier this month, became an employee of the month, and had four straight days off from both school and work. Then, there’s also Black Friday and Cyber Monday, both of which I consider as frugal holidays. To celebrate my frugal holidays, I cracked open my can of saved coins. The coins I’ve saved amounted to $63! That, plus the $25 Hallmark Gift Card (that can be redeemed at Amazon), which I got for being an employee of the month, I had a total of $88 to spend on games!

I didn’t really look far for sales, however. I was pretty much glued on Steam and Amazon, keeping an eye on their flash and lightning deals. In order to prevent myself from impulse buying, I also kept a priority list of games that I wanted, which are (in order): (1) Rocksmith; (2) X-Com: Enemy Unknown; (3) Dishonored; (4) Borderlands 2; and (5) two cheap PC games with low requirements and co-op game play. In the end, I got most of the games that I wanted! But did I stay within my budget? Let’s find out:

  • $25.00 – Dishonored (PS3) [Amazon Lightning Deal]
  • $33.50 – X-Com: Enemy Unknown [Steam Autumn Sale]
  • $25.00 – Borderlands 2 (PS3) [Amazon Lightning Deal]
  • $07.50 – Orcs Must Die 2! (x2) [Steam Autumn Sale]

My total is $91! I’ve exceeded my budget by $3. Honestly, I don’t care. I don’t feel that same guilt I felt after the Steam Summer Sale. Because that extra copy of Orcs Must Die 2! is my gift to my cousin, who is a little bit home sick after migrating to the US. Besides, all these games were bought by nickels and dimes that I picked up on floors, in couches and had saved for more than a year.


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