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The Epicness of Foghladha

As a frugalist, I also try to live as a minimalist. Which means, besides my comic book collection, I really don’t own a lot. This too applies with my online characters. That’s why I couldn’t participate in Ambermist‘s August challenge, in which we were suppose to showcase our in-game collections, because I had nothing to […]

Gaming Lightly

To avoid financial pitfalls, I always plan ahead at the start of each season. This Summer, being scheduled to work a few overtimes and a holiday, and with a little bit of budgeting, I found out that I’ll have some extra moolah that will afford me to play one P2P MMO for three months! In […]

3 MMOs That I Want To Play (But I’m Too Cheap To Pay)

Free-to-Play MMOs are my current thing, and I have my hands full playing a couple of them. But, believe me, I do want to get my hands on some of the Pay-to-Play MMOs as well. Except that I’m just too cheap to add another bill to pay every month. I know that Pay-to-Play MMOs are […]

Dirt Cheap Games #4

We have another long weekend coming up. Unfortunately, however, if you don’t have a game to keep you occupied, I might not have something for you. There’s not a lot of sales going on this Memorial Day, which is kind of disappointing. But, Green Man Gaming is offering Disciples II: Gold Edition for free. That’s […]

My MMO Timeline

As I’ve mentioned on my first entry (which you probably didn’t read), I’m pretty new to MMORPGs. I started playing my first MMO back in 2007, and then only played a couple since then. But, anyways, here’s my MMO timeline. 1. Lord of the Rings OnlineĀ (April – July 2007) My first MMORPG. I didn’t know […]