The Blog
The Frugal Gamer is a web blog dedicated to free and cheap games. While mostly focused on free and no monthly sub MMORPGs, the blog will also touch on indie games and other games that are cheap enough for the author to buy. Besides the occasional reviews and the author’s worthless opinions, the blog will also post useful information such as daily sales and game price drops to help out other cheapskates.

The Author
Skron is a cheap bastard whose daily diet consists of instant ramen noodles, almost-expired canned goods and Guinness. He has no life, no wife, no dog and he hates cats (both the musical and the animal –except for tigers and sabertooths). His interest includes music (stoner metal!), photography, comic books and gaming. While he’s been playing games since Civilization II, he just recently entered the arena of MMO gaming. In short, he still a noob.

The Frugal Gamer will be his 5th unsuccessful blog, and his first niche blog.

My Other Blogs
Skron 3.0 – Music, Books, Film, Personal and Photography Blog
Skron 366 – Project 366



  1. Thanks for the follow, Skron. We don’t’ seem to have much jun common – though I’m an avid Sudoku player – but you’re more than welcome:)

    1. Yes we do have something in common, and that is photography. I followed you for that. It just happened that this blog is focused on gaming. But I do have two other blogs that are focused on photography.

      1. Oh, that’s fabulous! So I’ll get to meet your dopplegangers along the way then? 🙂

  2. Heyo. Just wanted to let you know that I’m adding you to my Google reader feed. good stuff. 😀

    1. Thanks, man. I appreciate it. I’ve added yours to my Google Reader. Your blog title grabbed me the moment I set my eyes on it. It’s simple. But it rocks.

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