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Wordless Wednesday: A Memorial


Pulling A Game Out of a Hat: An MMO Time Management.

Yesterday, Syp of BioBreak¬†wrote about the “Four Methods of Juggling MMOs“. In that post, I also left a comment where I said I juggle MMOs by drawing them out of a hat. While it may seem I was just trolling on the blog, I’m actually not. I’m a person blessed with plenty of hobbies and […]

[ME3] The Extended Cut

I’m one of the many gamers who were gravely disappointed with Mass Effect 3’s ending. After all the careful choices I’ve made in game, I was really dying to find out if the Krogans will have another rebellion, or if the Geth/Quarian relationship will last, at the end of the story. Sadly, those were denied […]

[ME3] Searching For Vorchas

Besides the occasional Counter-Strike or Left 4 Dead with real life friends, I really don’t play co-op or team vs. team shooter games. But Mass Effect 3, in hopes of getting a better ending by increasing my galactic readiness and military strength, managed to lure me into playing its co-op multiplayer game. It was a […]

Wordless Wednesday: Squad

Huerta Memorial

Wordless Wednesday: Huerta