F2P Journey: SWTOR

Technically, it’s not exactly a free-to-play journey. The boxed copy of SWTOR that I got for Christmas, which I only received yesterday, granted me a 30-day subscription and a subscribed player status. But I’m not clear on the difference between the subscribed, preferred and free-to-play players. Well, maybe except for the number of quickbars they can have. This news caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth a few months ago.

Anyways, in the galaxy far, far away, I rolled a Jedi Mirialan. A Jedi Sentinel to be super specific.

swtor 2012-12-28 19-22-02-00

Skeera Shide, Knight of the Old Republic.

So far, I’m really liking Star Wars: The Old Republic. The game is not that unique from most MMO. It still  has a couple of “FedEx” and “kill ten rats” missions. But the presentation of its story and quests are amazing. I sometimes forget that I’m playing a MMO, and not Knights of the Old Republic 3. The cinematic conversations beats text dialog. It’s more entertaining even though the NPC is only telling you to go kill ten rats.

I did some Heroics and Flashpoints with random groups (#9 of my New Year’s resolution) as well. I didn’t like the Flashpoints that much, mostly because they were easy and long (but probably because nothing dropped for me). Heroics, however, were nice, quick and a bit challenging. I was really surprised to see the cinematic conversations between you, your group and the NPC in these “dungeons”. It’s not exactly a defining feature of the game, but it’s a nice feature. It adds a little bit to role-playing.

I also queued up for Warzones, and I’m loving every bit of it. I’m not sure how much I’ve done exactly but, right now, I have a Valor Rank of 11. I just love how the queue pops so quickly. By my estimate, the queue wait average is at 3 minutes. That’s not very long at all. I’ve waited for much longer in RIFT, and longer still in WAR. Unfortunately, access to Warzones will be limited to me once my status drops to preferred player.

I’m enjoying SWTOR right now. Not enough to pay for a sub maybe. But enough to make me consider getting Rise of the Hutt Cartel, which is only $10 for a subbed player. We’ll see, because I’ve yet to try The Secret World. Most likely, I’ll end up treating SWTOR as a play-to-finish MMO, and just stop when my Jedi Knight’s storyline is done.


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  1. Cool to hear you’ve been enjoying F2P, and that’s a lovely screenshot of your sentinel there! SW:TOR is a great casual game in my experience, certainly good for a visit when you feel like it, and I love the playful atmosphere. Will yet have to try PvP myself, haven’t done it before and am a bit shy. 🙂

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