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Capping Toons

Capping at least three toons is one of my resolutions for 2013. I could do more, probably. But, between school and working full-time, I don’t want to stretch myself thin and come up short. After all, I’ve 12 other resolutions to see through to the end of this year. So, three should be enough. Picking out […]

[SWTOR] I Prefer Preferred

I have two weeks left until my time as a subbed player in SWTOR expires. So, I researched the privileges between subbed players and preferred players. It turns out that, as busy person who play multiple MMOs, I don’t have much to lose when my status goes down to preferred. In fact, being a preferred […]

F2P Journey: SWTOR

Technically, it’s not exactly a free-to-play journey. The boxed copy of SWTOR that I got for Christmas, which I only received yesterday, granted me a 30-day subscription and a subscribed player status. But I’m not clear on the difference between the subscribed, preferred and free-to-play players. Well, maybe except for the number of quickbars they […]

New Year, New MMOs

I’ve always wanted to play The Secret World. Its contemporary setting riddled with conspiracies, myths and legends had piqued my interest during its development stage. Plus, its created by Ragnar Tornquist, the guy who also brought us The Longest Journey (which was my favorite adventure game until it was ousted by The Walking Dead). But I didn’t play it because […]

SWTOR, Going F2P

With a steady decline of subscriptions, server merges and layoffs at BioWare Austin, I knew that Star Wars: The Old Republic will eventually embrace the Light Side MMO model. By that, I meant, someday, the game will go free-to-play. I was right! Here’s a snippet of the press release from BioWare: BioWare™, a Label of […]

3 MMOs That I Want To Play (But I’m Too Cheap To Pay)

Free-to-Play MMOs are my current thing, and I have my hands full playing a couple of them. But, believe me, I do want to get my hands on some of the Pay-to-Play MMOs as well. Except that I’m just too cheap to add another bill to pay every month. I know that Pay-to-Play MMOs are […]