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[GW2] Dramatis Personae

We’re almost two weeks into Guild Wars 2 since its head start. Already, I’ve seen maxed out characters running around in Lion’s Arch, and my guild’s average level is around 40. So, how well am I progressing in Guild Wars 2? Not good, really. Two weeks, and yet I haven’t reach level 2o with my […]

[GW2] Reasons Why I’ll Skip The Final Beta

Guild Wars 2’s release date is fast approaching. Like many, I’m also very excited to play the game. Before we get our hands on the final build of GW2, however, ArenaNet has given us one last¬†opportunity to dive into the beta, and maybe find some more bugs to squash. But, as much as I want […]

[GW2] War is Finally Coming

We’ve played two beta weekend events and two stress tests. Yet, we didn’t know when we’ll actually play the game. Until now, that is. ArenaNet has finally took the lid off and announced that Guild Wars 2 will launch on the 28th of August. That’s exactly¬†two months from now! It’s a great day, and I’m […]

BWE (Beta Weekend Event/Best Weekend Ever)

My Summer Staycation #1 will begin tomorrow, and I’m pretty excited that it will start on a very eventful weekend. So, I’ll have my hands full for the next three days, leaving no room for blogging. Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event #2 First up is the Beta Weekend Event for Guild Wars 2. If […]