Cheap & Indie: 10000000

10000000I rarely buy games through word of mouth alone. Since I’m thrifty with money, I always read copious amounts of reviews before I lay down my hard earned cash on a game. But when Felicia Day tweeted that she was playing 10000000, I immediately bought the game. I didn’t read any reviews. I didn’t ask any questions. It’s a good thing that the game is as fun as she said it was. Plus, it’s only $5.

10000000 is a puzzle/RPG hybrid, much like the Puzzle Quests games. Except that 10000000 is stripped down of everything but the gameplay. The story is simplified to you, a prisoner trying to earn (or buy) his way out of a dungeon. There are no thematic concepts or plot twists in it, like in most RPGs. Even its visuals (pixel art) and sounds (MIDI), reminds me of my Atari 2600. It has no bells and whistles at all.

Its gameplay is also easy enough –match 3 blocks and your golden. The only different about 10000000 is that you’re timed. Once your character on the top side scrolling platform disappears from the screen, it’s game over. To complicate things, monsters, doors and even chests bar your way. You can eliminate these obstacles by matching specific blocks: Sword and staves for attacks; Keys to open your doors and chests. The faster you can match blocks, the faster you can avoid death.

There are other “utility” blocks as well. Match shields to increase your defense against monster attacks, which pushes you back towards the left screen. You can match backpacks to earn items or gold. Lastly, you can also match wood and stone, both materials are required to upgrade your tiny abode with rooms, such as the blacksmith and training room.

10000000 is a fun game. I know, it doesn’t sound much. It’s not revolutionary, original or flashy. I even doubted Felicia Day a second after I bought the game. But I’ve now wasted 3 hours on it, that’s a couple minutes more than the time I’ve spent with FTL. I’m not saying it’s better than FTL. What I’m saying is, however, it can hook you in.

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