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Capping Toons

Capping at least three toons is one of my resolutions for 2013. I could do more, probably. But, between school and working full-time, I don’t want to stretch myself thin and come up short. After all, I’ve 12 other resolutions to see through to the end of this year. So, three should be enough. Picking out […]

[LotRO] Project: Fixing Kelvorn

Kelvorn, a Human Champion, is my first MMO character, and I still have a ton of memories being a noob with him. So, I feel a bit guilty for benching him in favor of Scorbo, my Hobbit Burglar. I mean the toon has been sitting at level 31 since July 2007. That’s more than 5 […]

[LotRO] Full Steam to Moria, Mirkwood and Isengard

If you love LotRO but have been busy playing Guild Wars 2 lately, you might want to stop and check out Steam right now. Because our beloved distributor of digital games has just added The Lord of the Rings Online: Triple Pack on their list. The pack includes all three current expansions —Mines of Moria, Siege of […]

[LotRO] An Indian Summer

Guild Wars 2 is the “it” game, and my main game, right now. So, with what little time I have between school and work, I was surprised that I was able to break away from it and play LotRO. What brought me back to LotRO is the Summer Festival. Honestly, the festival bored the heck […]

[LotRO] Doing The Deeds

Today has been the most productive day I’ve had since I started my staycation a week ago. In LotRO, at least. Scorbo gained two more levels and has 160 Farmer’s Faire Tokens, and I don’t know what to buy with them. Plus, I’ve also managed to finish 6 Deeds last night. Here are those deeds: Cruel […]

[LotRO] Not Faire!

With visiting friends gone and Lollapalooza done (see my recap of the event here), I can finally enjoy the remaining days of my staycation in peace. That means day and night of gaming and reading. LotRO was the first game I logged in to. I haven’t played the game for sometime now. Plus, I wanted […]

The Wastrel Gamer: Steam Sale Aftermath

The Steam Summer Sale is finally done and over with. Like with most of their sales events, I like this one too. No, scratch that. I like this one the most. A lot of games were put on sale this year. A lot (but not Warlock). Besides the usual Daily Deals and the Package Deals, […]

[LotRO] Swift Travel Isn’t Swift Enough

It takes 2:23 minutes to get from Buckland to Adso’s Camp. Traveling from Stock to Hobbiton will take you a good 2:09 minutes. From West Bree to Hengstacer’s Farm, the travel time is 2:38 minutes. All those two minutes of down time. Two minutes of watching your horse’s behind as it traverse from point to […]

[LotRO] The Eradicator, The Executioner, The Undying

I finally got all the deeds from slaying insects at the Midgewater Marsh. I’ve also done enough quests to earn the final Bree-Land Adventurer deed. So, with those things accomplished, I moved out of the marshes and into the Old Forest. I like the Old Forest. It’s pretty dangerous. The place got killer trees, roots […]

[LotRO] Insect Slaying

It’s been a while since I played LotRO. So, Scorbo, my Hobbit Burglar, has been sitting on level 19 for quite sometime now. Doing low-level quests in Staddle doesn’t help either. But, like I said before, I’m going to play this game slowly and milk every free content to the drop, not wasting any XP. […]