Waking Up

Real life happened and I fell off the grid –from Tyria, Eberron, Middle-Earth and the blogosphere. Both school and work demanded my full attention, and I had to temporarily shelf blogging and gaming in order to catch up. So, instead of taking my Charr Engineer to level 80 or fixing Kelvorn, I had to write an essay about Japanese woodblock prints and work on my Microbiology lab notes. But those things are behind me. They’re done and over with. Now, I have some brief time to spare before the final push.

Since my time off from school is only limited, I really didn’t want to play any MMOs. Because: a) I’m afraid that I might have a hard time putting them down again; and b) My allotted time isn’t enough to see a significant progress with any of my characters (well, except for in Guild Wars 2). Instead, I rummaged through my enormous back log of games on Steam and found Alan Wake.

Fighting darkness with a flashlight and a six-shooter.

I bought Alan Wake (bundled with Alan Wake: American Nightmare) for $10 during the Steam Summer Sale. I installed it once and played it. But I’m squeamish, and this game is full of horror and suspense. The horror genre isn’t just my cup of tea. I never played any of the Resident Evil games and the last scary movie that I saw –unless you consider vampires and zombies as horror– was The Grudge. So, when I uninstalled Alan Wake, I just barely got through its epilogue.

So, what made me pick up Alan Wake again? Part of it is because of Halloween. Alan Wake’s theme of overwhelming darkness brings out my childhood horrors –of being afraid of the dark. So, while everyone else will go trick or treating, watch American Horror Story, or have a Hellraiser marathon tomorrow night, I’ll just scare myself with this game in the spirit of Halloween. The other reason why I picked it up again is because, as a frugalist, buying a game without playing it is an unimaginable horror.

After 5 hours of gaming, I’m on the 3rd episode of Alan Wake. So far, I’m really enjoying this game. If you want in on the action, Alan Wake is 50% off ($15) on Steam’s Halloween sale. My advice, however, is to skip it. Because it’s not that cheap. I got my copy, bundled with Alan Wake: American Nightmare, for $10. Get The Secret World, which is 25% off right now, instead.


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  1. LOL thanks for the honesty, and i think i will skip this game as i also get frightened VERY easily ( I couldn’t get thru Slenderman ) Especially if it’s not an mmo where you can play with other people, heck i got scarred in one of the caves in Skyrim with the skeletons coming at me. I’ll just go and do a run of orr with all the undead, that should suit me fine 🙂

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