[LotRO] An Indian Summer

Guild Wars 2 is the “it” game, and my main game, right now. So, with what little time I have between school and work, I was surprised that I was able to break away from it and play LotRO.

What brought me back to LotRO is the Summer Festival. Honestly, the festival bored the heck out of me. Probably because the fest activities were a change of pace from what I’ve been doing in Guild Wars 2. Instead of capturing keeps in WvW and dropping bombs on rabbits to get my daily kill variety, I was fishing and running errands for lazy Hobbits.

For the festival activities, I only stayed in The Shire and did all available activities there. I didn’t participate in any of the races at all. Initially, I did like the quests. But they got boring after doing them everyday. I only stuck around so I could get free costumes for my new Rune-Keeper. Once I got enough tokens for my costumes, I just stopped logging in to the game.

My new Rune Keeper, Smodur, showing off his nice cloak.

As for the costumes, I didn’t get the Summer Festival exclusives (the green hat, robe and cloaks). Because not only did they require more tokens, but they also wouldn’t look good on my Dwarven Rune-Keeper. On hindsight, I do regret my decision ofnot getting them. Especially the hat. But, at least, I got kick ass cloak.

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