[GW2] Eternally Queuing For Battlegrounds

I no longer see some of the cracks that we fell into during Guild Wars 2’s headstart. The trading post is now working. Some of the dynamic events –that weren’t working properly during the headstart– aren’t bug anymore. Also, being booted to the overflow server isn’t as rampant as before.

But new cracks have appeared.

Fix the cracks. Don’t let it fall into ruin.

Thursday nights is my guild’s WvW nights. This is when a hundred of our members organize, take the battlefield and keep everything. Except, last night, we weren’t able to. Instead of jumping into the portal to the Eternal Battlegrounds, we got stuck, queuing eternally for battlegrounds.

To make matters worse, the queue seems totally random. I’ve been logged into the game and queued for almost an hour. Yet, some of my guildmates who just logged into the game, got right into WvW.

I know that there’s a need to balance the number of players in WvW. But this needs to be looked at. They should make the queue less more random, or increase the number of players by making the map bigger. I specifically bought this game for WvW. It would suck if I’m queued for it for hours every time I play the game.


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