[LotRO] Full Steam to Moria, Mirkwood and Isengard

If you love LotRO but have been busy playing Guild Wars 2 lately, you might want to stop and check out Steam right now. Because our beloved distributor of digital games has just added The Lord of the Rings Online: Triple Pack on their list. The pack includes all three current expansions —Mines of Moria, Siege of Mirkwood and Rise of Isengard— and can be purchased for as cheap as $20 (until Monday, Sept. 24). That’s a steal.

Orthanc, jutting out from the earth like a necrotic blackhead.

I’m skipping this deal, however. Because: (a) I’m broke; (b) If I wasn’t broke, I’d rather buy Torchlight II; (c) I still have ways to go before I reach the contents of these expansions; and (d) I’m way too preoccupied with school and Guild wars 2.

So, those are my reasons. Viable, yes. Besides, Steam will put this back on sale this Holidays.


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