Starting Point (or Post)

I thought it would be easier by now to write a first entry or a starting post for a new blog. After all, I’ve been blogging for 7 years and this is my 5th blog. But no. Writing the first post is still hard for me. I’ve been actually staring at the blank screen for quite sometime before I started typing.

Anyways, you’re probably wondering why I’m starting another blog (or maybe not, but I’ll still explain myself). Well, I outgrew my 1st and 2nd blog. The 3rd blog is a Project 366 –you know, where I post a picture each day. The 4th blog is…becoming a bit more personal. So, I needed an outlet –and also niche blog– for one of my many interests, which is gaming.

I love gaming. While I mostly play role-playing games and strategy games (either real-time or turn-based), I’ll occasionally play some action games and first-person shooters. I’ve also recently entered the world of MMO gaming. I’ve only played a couple of them, however. So, I’m still pretty much a noob.

Unfortunately, since I’m saving to go back to school and also for a new car (and I also need beer), money is pretty tight. I can only afford to play free MMORPGs and online games without monthly subscriptions, like the upcoming Guild Wars 2. So, I’m going to be focusing on those games. But I’ll also touch on indie games and other games that are cheap enough for me to buy.

So, this blog is about: a) an outlet and a niche blog for gaming; and 2) I’ll show you how to be a cheap gamer in this financially tough times. I thank you for your time, and welcome you to frugal gaming.

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