The Epicness of Foghladha

As a frugalist, I also try to live as a minimalist. Which means, besides my comic book collection, I really don’t own a lot. This too applies with my online characters. That’s why I couldn’t participate in Ambermist‘s August challenge, in which we were suppose to showcase our in-game collections, because I had nothing to show.

But this month’s challenge, in which we’re to feature someone caught being good, I have lots to share. Mostly, it revolves around my guild, Gaiscioch. I’m pretty sure you guys heard about the story of Oldroar and the naming of the Guild Wars 2 server, Sanctum of Rall. But Oldroar was just one of the many good people I’ve met in this guild.

We’re not a perfect guild, I know. We argue and bicker too. Usually about some slight misunderstanding or which tactics/build is better. But, for 3 years that I’ve been hanging out with these guys, I’ve never heard anyone talk smack against another member in game chat, Ventrillo or RaidCall. Our voice chat atmosphere is actually very homely, where you’d hear members trade recipes (on how to make a Guinness Chocolate Cake, for example) or talk about social topics.

So, that’s my guild. It’s good because it has a good membership. But the membership is only good because we follow a great leader, Foghladha.

Fog is the epitome of leadership. He is decisive, loyal to his members, leads by example and sacrifices a lot for us. He will slave away, sacrificing his own time to work on our guild site (which is awesome) or plan an event, just so we –the members– could have fun. His leadership isn’t contained in the guild alone. He also organizes community events to ensure that the server we’re at are having fun too. He created events like Telara Saga (RIFT) and Battle for Badlands (WAR) that brought communities together.

That’s Foghladha. He’s an epic person that I look up to, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. After all, Gaiscioch has 3,000 members right now. Even our old opponents from DAoC, WAR and RIFT have left their side and guild to join us.

So, what’s next for Fog and Gaiscioch? We’re trying to raise $10,000 to give a kid a kidney.


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