[GW2] A Time To Be Useless

Three 12-hour work days and three 8-hour school days compose my entire week. Whatever time I have left is usually spent on writing papers or studying, leaving almost nothing for this blog or my other hobbies.

I do, of course, sneak into Guild Wars 2 from time to time. But not long enough to make any significant progress with the game. I just mostly kill drakes to get crafting mats or buy/sell gems. I’m way behind the game that I haven’t leveled enough to try any of the dungeons. So, this past weekend, as a birthday present to myself, I took a three day off from work.

I know three day off isn’t that much. But, to me, it was enough time to stay useless. I went out to drink, read the stack of comics that has been piling on my night stand for weeks and play Guild Wars 2 all weekend long.

In that span of time, I was able to: (1) Raise my main from level 21 to 39; and (2) Get my Jeweler, Huntsman and Tailor to apprentice rank. Now, I just need someone to take my Charr Engineer out on a date to Ascalonian Tombs sometime next week. So, until then, you guys stay useless.


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