[GW2] Dramatis Personae

We’re almost two weeks into Guild Wars 2 since its head start. Already, I’ve seen maxed out characters running around in Lion’s Arch, and my guild’s average level is around 40. So, how well am I progressing in Guild Wars 2? Not good, really. Two weeks, and yet I haven’t reach level 2o with my main. Two weeks, and I have yet to introduce my characters (yes, that’s plural. I have an alt in Guild Wars 2).

I won’t reach 80 soon, or 25 even. But, at least, let me remedy the latter by introducing two of my characters: Aethenbrior and Skronilda.

Aethenbrior Burnfur (Heal Bomber) – Charr Engineer
Aethen is my main character. Why? Mainly because Engies can dual wield pistols and wear backpacks (and I’m a sucker for dual wielding pistols and wearing backpacks). But I also have a penchant for AoE damage.

Can I Haz Cat Chow?

Initially, I was building him to be an explosive expert that uses both the grenade and bomb kits. But, after playing in WvW, I thought it best just to focus on one kit. So, now, with the use of Elixir Infused Bombs (bomb explosion heals allies) I’m planning to turn him into a bomb healer. If that fails, however, then I’ll just respec him into a grenadier.

Also, Aethenbrior was the name of my White Lion in WAR. Now, in GW2, he really looks like a white lion (although a horny one). Some of my guild mates actually get the reference, and I love it when they do.

Skronilda Sureshot (Pirate) – Norn Thief
Skron has always been a roguish type. But never a woman. However, while playing around in the Norn character creator, I found a hairstyle with bandanna and a face that looks a bit like Natalie Portman. That was the end of it. I wanted a female Norn Thief. She’s also inspired by Isabella in Dragon Age 2.

Arr, Matey!

I don’t play with her that much, however. But she’s my favorite character in WvW. Armed with a Shortbow, coupled with her mobility and some venom skills, she can be really pesky on WvW, even at low-level.

I also started an Asura Protector, a Human Mesmer and a Sylvari Elementalist. But I only made these characters for the purposes of reserving my names. I haven’t really moved them an inch from their starting points. I’m not even sure if I’ll be needing the names I’ve reserved. Playing with one toon alone can be pretty challenging when you work and school full time.

Anyways, if you’re in Sanctum of Rall server, don’t be shy to say hi if you see Skronilda or Aethenbrior. Also, if you want to add me to your friend list add Aethenbrior.9608.



  1. If your progress is fun, it can’t be anything other than good. =)
    I also have several alts I haven’t touched, eventually I’ll get around to ’em all. I’m enjoying myself too much to want to rush things too much.

  2. Heh. I still find it amusing the whole idea of someone using bombs to heal others. It seems such a paradox!

    And Skronilda does have an uncanny resemblance to Isabella from Dragon Age 2!

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