[GW2] A Rocky (Head)Start

I’m royally late with this post. I know. But going to school and working full time –and playing Guild Wars 2 in between– has significantly reduced my time for blogging and anything else. Anyways, here’s my two cents about the headstart (or the 4th beta weekend event).

Having experienced a launch as smooth as RIFT’s, I can’t help but compare other launches that comes after it. The game’s launch, in my book, is the gold standard of an MMO launch. So, how did Guild Wars 2 fare if compared to it? Almost close. But ArenaNet had an ace in the hole that made GW2’s launch my favorite.

One of the annoyances I’ve encountered during the headstart was the guild invite. Some reported that the invites stopped working after a guild has two hundred members, which is well below the max number of membership in a guild. You might not care about this issue if you’re a soloist. But it can be jarring if you’re a member of an 11 year old guild with a couple hundred members yelling and/or typing “invite me” on RaidCall over and over again. Especially if it’s at 1 o’clock in the morning.

If you ever managed to get in a guild, however, it’s next to impossible to party with them. This was because of the overflow servers, an area where you’ll end up if your chosen server is currently full. I’ve never played with an entire party during the first day of the headstart. Some members were in the overflow server, and some were in the actual server.

But the overflow server, while it made partying with friends confusing and almost impossible, was also ArenaNet’s ace in the hole. True, I never had a chance to hang out with my favorite guildmates in-game. But we weren’t stuck in queue, waiting for the servers to open up. We were all playing the game. Separately, maybe. But, at least, we were able to play an MMO during its headstart.



  1. I am kinda surprised Guild Wars 2 wasn’t smoother considering how things were working pretty well during the beta weekends and there was a lot of stress tests right before the headstart to try ironing out these issues.

    For grouping with people me and a friend of mine seem to have developed a work around until they sort if out. If one of us end up in a overflow server the other right clicks on the portrait of the person in the overflow server and choose “Join in…”. Then we just make sure we both stay in the overflow server and don’t travel to the regular one. Seems to be working so far but I really would love if they fixed this issue. Oh, well, still having plenty of fun, regardless of the problems. 🙂

    1. I was surprised with the amount of bugs too. But, like you, I’m enjoying the game as well. Bugs < Awesome Game.

  2. I agree, it definitely could have been smoother, but compared to other launches where it was normal for characters to “fall through the world” and get stuck (and have that be one of the better problems to have), I’ll take this launch.

    Although I’m seriously jonesing for the Trading Post.

    1. I hope they flood the trading post with Jewels. That way I can get ’em cheap.

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