[GW2] Launch Preparations #3: Last Minute Preparations

So, I’ve chosen my server and my mind is set on my main character. What else have I missed? A lot, apparently.

1. PC Tweaks.
My desktop can still handle new games. Not on ultra settings, of course. But it can still run on high and medium, and that’s good enough for me. Lately, however, it’s been running sluggishly.

I’m to blame though. Because I’ve neglected its maintenance these past few months. It hasn’t been defragged since May, I think. I also haven’t culled the programs –that I don’t use anymore– running in the background. So, today, I did all of those and my PC is running a bit smoothly. It still need a RAM upgrade though. But that’s not an option now.

2. Reading Materials
Why do I need reading materials, you ask? Well, sometimes, during an MMO launch, you’d end up being stuck in the queue for hours upon hours. Hence, the books, comics and other reading materials to combat time and boredom.

Good thing I have lots of those, just sitting and gathering dusts on my side table.

3. Groceries
My pantry and fridge are both empty. So, I’m going to head out this morning and stock up on more canned goods, instant noodles and apples (it keeps you awake, a better alternative to caffeine and energy drinks). No beer though. It won’t fit my budget right now.

4. Rest
I’ve a 6-hour Anatomy & Physiology class tonight from 2:00 PM to 8:50 PM. After that, I’m going to a birthday party in downtown Chicago, spend sometime with my friends (because I won’t see them for a while) until maybe 1 AM in the morning. Then, it’s going to be Guild Wars 2 until my eyes pop out.

After I’m done with #3, I’m going to sleep all day this morning.

That’s it for my last minute preparations. What about you? Are you ready for Guild Wars 2?



  1. Except there isn’t a queue… there are overflow servers!

    1. Oh shit. That’s nice!

  2. All ready here. Only thing I will need to remember is to double check my choices during character creation since this time it will be for real! 😀

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