[GW2] Launch Preparations #2: Races, Professions, Builds

Like many others, who will be playing Guild Wars 2 this weekend, I also had a hard time deciding on my main character. Questions like “Which race to pick?” and “What profession should I start with?” had assailed my mind these past few days. Should I go with a Human Thief, whom I really enjoyed playing during the 2nd beta weekend? Or should I just surprise myself and go with a Sylvari Mesmer? Decisions, decisions.

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I didn’t pay any attention to anything Guild Wars 2 right after the 2nd Beta Weekend Event. So, I did some research and dug a bit deeper into GW2’s profession. I found a great amount of information in Team Legacy’s video library, and most of which were useful. Combined what little knowledge I gleamed from that video library with my guild’s plans on WvW and my play style, I finally had an inkling for a character.

A Charr Engineer.

DPS has always been my game, (although everyone in Guild Wars 2 are one). Range with some AoE, specifically. That way, in WvW, I can just stay up on the ramparts of a keep and blast those invaders below. Also, since I’d rather roam around in a small group, kill some Dolyaks and pillage supply camps, I want enough power to wipe out a zerg (or at least do a lot of damage on them) if we encounter one. An Engineer seems capable to do all those things I just mentioned.

So, a Charr Engineer (although an Asura Engineer would be cute too), I will be on launch. I will be that grenadier on top of the ramparts, blasting you to oblivion, or that suicide bomber running into the middle of your group. This will be so much fun.



  1. Best combination of race and profession ever. And I am not saying that just because I intent to play one too. No, sir! I am not biased at all. *coughs* >_>

  2. Yeah, I have Charr Engineer on my list as well. Hard part is figuring out what character I want to focus on first…

    1. I want to have more characters too. But, have a full time job and being a full time student, I can only have one.

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