[GW2] Launch Preparations #1: Server Choice

I’ve never done anything related to Guild Wars 2 ever since the 2nd Beta Weekend Event, and with good reason. I didn’t want to get too excited over the game, and suffer from “Guildrawal”, while I still had other games to finish (or at least get pretty far with) on my plate. But, now that the game is almost upon us, I broke whatever seal that kept my craving for GW2 in check.

Today, all I ever did was visit every Guild Wars 2 blog, read more info about the game, watched gameplay footages that I can find on YouTube, and played around with a character builder. But, most importantly, I checked in with my guild, Gaiscioch, to find out where we’ll roll.

Oldroar’s Server

Sanctum of Rall will be my server in Guild Wars 2. But it’s more than just a server. To me, to my Gaiscioch Family, it’s our home. I know this is probably old news to most. Since the blogosphere exploded when ArenaNet announced this last month. But, to those who don’t know, Sanctum of Rall is named after Roger “Oldroar” Rall, an elder member of Gaiscioch who passed away almost a year ago. He was the voice of reason within our guild. To many members, he was considered both as a friend and a mentor.

Admittedly, besides being a magnificent leader, I didn’t really know Oldroar that well. Though I did have the honor to serve under his command during the Battle for Badlands (WAR) and The Telara Saga (RIFT) community events. And how could I ever forget when he led an epic 8-hour marathon of RvR during our WAR days?

So, I’m really grateful to ArenaNet for doing this tribute. I’m also proud of my guild mates, for writing those petition letters and cookie zerging the Guild Wars 2 team, convincing them to do this for Oldroar. Because he deserves this. He was the one who brought this game to my attention, and his enthusiasm was infectious. He wanted to play Guild Wars 2, more than most. Sadly, he can’t now. But he got himself a server. His legend, now immortalized.

More of Oldroar’s story here.

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