[DDO] Adventure Pack Review #01

The DDO store is having a 35% off sale on select adventure packs this week. Like I’ve mentioned in my last post, A Guide To Frugal Living In Eberron, adventure packs trumps over everything else when it comes to buying from the cash shop. So, if you’ve been saving your Turbine Points, now’s the time to spend them.

But if you’re not sure which adventure packs to get, here are some quick reviews of the ones that I’ve played. It’s not a lot, however. Since I’ve only played three packs so far.

Three Barrel Cove
This adventure pack includes a wilderness area and a couple of quests. The Cove’s wilderness is huge, although it’s scarcely populated. So, if you’re looking for some quick Slayer XP, you’d be disappointed. XP and loot from quests are not that good either.

The Cove is beautiful, however. It has a tropical climate with lots of white sand beaches. There are also a lot of nooks and crannies for you to explore, and hidden areas to be discovered. So, if you’re the explorer type, you’re gonna love this pack. Plus, the Cove also has a pirate theme.

Overall, I wouldn’t really recommend Three Barrel Cove. Especially if you’re a power gamer who wants to reach the end game quickly. But if you love exploration and want to role-play as a pirate, then this adventure pack is for you.

Tangleroot Gorge
Unlike Three Barrel Cove, Tangleroot Gorge has a much smaller, yet denesely populated, wilderness area. So, you can rake up some kills and get that Slayer XP bonus quickly.

There’s also a 10-part chain quest here that runs in a single dungeon. It can get pretty repetitive running on the same dungeon again and again. But these quests yields a lot of XP in a short time (I got from rank 16 to 22 in less than 4 hours). You can also get some nice rewards doing the quest, including some +3 items (which are really useful on low levels).

Tangleroot is only a low-level adventure pack (level 3 to 9), however. So, my frugal advice, don’t get this unless you have TPs to spare.

My Druid, in Winter Wolf form, at the Gary Gygax Memorial Stone in Delara’s Tomb.

Delara’s Tomb
Out of all the adventure packs I’ve played, Delara’s Tomb is definitely my favorite. It has a 5-part chain quests that yields massive amounts of XP, even more than Tangleroot Gorge. This adventure pack is a bit of a challenge though. Especially if you don’t have a decent Holy weapon to deal with the undead inside the tomb. The pack has some nice loot. But nothing to speak of, really.

I highly recommend Delara’s Tomb. Mostly for the fun and the XP. You would want to milk the XP out of this pack from level 5 until your reach level 12. Plus, the adventures here are also narrated by none other than Gary Gygax, the ‘Father of D&D’ himself.

So, that’s it for my quick review. I wanted to get a high-level adventure pack from the sale. But, honestly, with school starting next week and Guild Wars 2 just around the bend, I won’t be playing DDO for quite some time. So, I’ll just wait for a bigger sale to come.


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