[DDO] A Guide For Frugal Living In Eberron

As of this writing, I’ve clocked in 61 hours in DDO, which makes it my “most played MMO” since RIFT. So, I guess I’ve earned a bit of right to impart some advice, of how to survive Eberron without spending real-world dime on the game’s cash store.

What is Favor?
First things first, you need to know about Favor if you want to play DDO. Favor is like reputation in other games, and you earn it by doing quests for different factions in Eberron. In DDO, however, besides the factions, you also have a Total Favor.

So, what’s so important about Favor? Well, a lot of things are tied to it like: (1) Faction rewards; (2) Unlockable doodads; and, most importantly (3) Turbine Points.

The Turbine Point Rush
Once per server, you’ll be rewarded with 50 Turbine Points after you earned your first 5 Favor points. Getting 5 Favor points is as quick as doing the first 3 quests in Korthos, which roughly takes more than 30 minutes if you know what you’re doing. So, If you have time and patience (or a bit of an altholic), you can earn 5 Favor points in all 8 servers to get a total of 400 Turbine Points.

If you’re diligent enough, you can also raise that 400 TP to 800. Reaching a Favor of 25 will grant you 25 Turbine Points, and then another 25 Turbine Points once you reach the milestone of 50 Favors. So, at 50 Favors, you’ll have a total of 100 Turbine Points (50 TP from 5 Favors + 25 TP from 25 Favors + 25 TP from 50 Favors). Try reaching 50 Favors in all 8 servers and you’ll have a total of 800 Turbine Points.

Your Turbine Points is best spent buying Adventure Packs.

Adventure Packs > Anything Else
While Stat Tomes and Bell of Opening are nice to have, none of those items will let you continue on with the game. So, now that you have a bit of TP, try saving them for adventure packs instead.

Since you can easily find free quests up until level 8, try looking into mid-level adventure packs if you’re planning to buy. If you did the 800 TP rush, you can easily afford The Sorrowdusk Isle (450 TP) and The Vault of the Night (750 TP). Both packs seems to be very popular with players.

Things to Avoid from the DDO Store
Sometimes, we do get impulsive. Especially when there’s a sale going on. So, I won’t begrudge you if you buy that Monk class or the Warforged race. However, there are things that you really shouldn’t buy from the store.

  1. Inventory Slots – I know you need space for your junk. But you don’t need to buy extra inventory slots from the store. Because, by earning Favors with The Coin Lords, you can get a 4th and a 5th backpack for free.
  2. Bank Space – The same with the extra inventory slot, these too can be earned by doing Favors with the House of Kundarak.
  3.  Drow – I know everyone wants to play a Drow Ranger. But you don’t have to buy the race since the Drow is the easiest reward you can unlock (with a total of 400 favors)
  4. Artificer and Favored Soul classes – These two classes are also unlockable. But not as easily as a 4th backpack or the Drow. It is still possible though, and there are other classes to play with in the game.
  5. Enchanted Weapons and Armor – No, just no. You can get better items from rewards and the Auction House.

So, that’s it for my quick guide for frugal living in Eberron. I hope this helps. And if you have more tips to share, please leave them at the comments section below.


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