[LotRO] Doing The Deeds

Today has been the most productive day I’ve had since I started my staycation a week ago. In LotRO, at least. Scorbo gained two more levels and has 160 Farmer’s Faire Tokens, and I don’t know what to buy with them. Plus, I’ve also managed to finish 6 Deeds last night. Here are those deeds:

  1. Cruel Odds
  2. Strike From Shadows
  3. Trickster
  4. Barghest Slayer (Advanced)
  5. Wight Slayer (Advanced)
  6. The Barrow-downs

Doing the slayer deeds in Barrow-downs weren’t actually quite horrible. I did a couple of quests, including repeatable quests, that requires offing those creatures. But what I’m really stoked about is getting those achievements has also yielded –besides the traits– a total of 40 Turbine Points. I can’t buy anything with it, of course (can I buy something with it?). But, hey, free is free.


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