[LotRO] Not Faire!

With visiting friends gone and Lollapalooza done (see my recap of the event here), I can finally enjoy the remaining days of my staycation in peace. That means day and night of gaming and reading.

LotRO was the first game I logged in to. I haven’t played the game for sometime now. Plus, I wanted in on the Farmer’s Faire.

Entirely missing out on the Spring Festival, Farmer’s Faire is my first LotRO event. So, except for the mushroom hunting, I did all of the quests and found them fun. The “Fat Mayor”, “Bounder Rounds” and “Manning the Market” are my favorite quests. I would’ve loved the “Fishy, Very Fishy” too. But luck dictates it. I was up to my 9th [Simple Fish], and got the [Bad Fish] for my 10th.

Scorbo’s new look.

I’m not digging the festival rewards though. The only ones I like are the lantern and the chicken mask. I already got the chicken mask and then dyed it grey. It goes well with Scorbo’s sellsword hauberk. Now, I only need to earn a couple more tokens for the lantern. And, maybe, work on getting the “Eggsellent” title. Then, I’m done with the Farmer’s Faire.


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