F2P Journey: A Tribal Ascension

Next only to Deus Ex, Tribes: Vengeance is my favorite first person shooter. What I like about it is that, unlike other shooters, it’s gameplay is not just running n’ gunning. Its movements –with jetpacks that allows you to fly and friction-less boots that lets you ski the battlefield– is just unique. Unfortunately, being released in 2004, it was overshadowed by Half-Life 2, Doom 3 and Far Cry. And by the time I started playing it (2005), its multiplayer was already non-existent.

Due to its lack of multiplayer, I uninstalled Tribes: Vengeance and the game entirely fell out of my radar. But, a few weeks ago, I found Tribes: Ascend on Steam when they put up its starter pack on sale. Since it’s a free-to-play, multiplayer-only version of my favorite shooter, I didn’t think twice of downloading and installing the game.

Hit ’em high. Hit ’em low.

Tribes: Ascend is probably the most challenging, yet satisfying multiplayer FPS I’ve played to date. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I like Tribes for its unique movements, and its not lost in its F2p, multiplayer-only version. Tribes requires more than just your standard FPS twitch skills. In Ascend, you and your opponents move at high speeds and at every direction. Aiming can be quite a challenge. You don’t just pump your enemy with lead when his face shows in your cross-hairs anymore. No, you have to anticipate his movements, where he’s going or landing, and aim ahead of that. If you hit him, I guarantee you that it’ll be the most rewarding feeling you’ll experience in gaming.

With its quick and fun team matches, Tribes: Ascend has definitely earned my attention and time. It’s a fun game. But also a hard one. I admit that, most of the time, I don’t know what I’m doing during matches. Just flailing and jumping around in the battlefield, wasting energy and ammo, hoping to hit someone. So, I have a lot to learn. A lot. But, right now, I’m just happy that this game is so playable even if its free.


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