The Wastrel Gamer: Steam Sale Aftermath

The Steam Summer Sale is finally done and over with. Like with most of their sales events, I like this one too. No, scratch that. I like this one the most.

Artwork from the Steam Summer Sale. It’s awesome.

A lot of games were put on sale this year. A lot (but not Warlock). Besides the usual Daily Deals and the Package Deals, there were also Flash Deals and the Community’s Choice –a poll that let Steam users decide which games go on sale. The sale was also a week long. In addition, they also released a Steam app for smart phones, which syncs to your account and allows you to purchase games anywhere, anytime (even while you’re camping inside a theater, watching The Dark Knight Rises). So, it’s almost impossible to miss out on a deal.

What I didn’t like about the sale is that Steam, with their less than $10 deals and less than $5 deals, has successfully goaded me into spending impulsively. Even though I explicitly told myself that I’ll only buy SpaceMarine and Risen 2, I ended up buying 6 games. That’s 3 times the number of games I was planning to purchase (and no Risen 2).

So, how much damage did the Steam sale inflict on my wallet? Let’s see:

  • $07.50 – Warhammer 40,000: SpaceMarine
  • $10.00 – Alan Wake/Alan Wake: American Nightmare
  • $03.75 – Orcs Must Die!
  • $03.40 – Batman: Arkham City – Revenge of Harley Quinn DLC
  • $07.50 – Krater
  • $15.00 – LotRO: Steam Starter Edition

My total is $47.15. Wonderful! I’ve exceeded my gaming budget for this year by $7.15. It’s a good thing I cancelled my trip to Seattle for next month. Else, I’d be broke. Plus, I now have more games that I can pile on my ever growing backlog of games. At least, I won’t be bored until the next summer.

So, this is what shopper’s guilt feel like. Oh, well, I’ll numb this feeling by playing Krater (awesome game, by the way).


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  1. clumsygrrrl · · Reply

    I understand … I ended up thinking, “Pshhh I’ll never buy a game on Steam” to now having eight. EIGHT GAMES.

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