[Film] The Dark Knight Pleases

Have you watched The Dark Knight Rises yet? No? Well, get out of here and go see it. Because this post will have some spoilers.

The Frugal Gamer (emphasis on the gamer) is a blog about gaming. So, why is there a post about a movie in here? Well, if I’m willing to skip the final beta testing of Guild Wars 2 (my most anticipated game of this year) in order to watch The Dark Knight Rises (my most anticipated movie of this year), twice, with the threat of gunmen in theaters, I think the movie deserves a spot in this blog.

So, The Dark Knight Rises. It’s pretty epic, as expected of a Christopher Nolan film. My expectations of this film was so high. But Nolan, everyone, delivered. They brought out a neutron bomb, detonated it and blew me away.

Bane, on top of a Tumbler.

Bane, like with The Joker in The Dark Knight, steals the show. I know that Bane is one of Batman’s fiercest foe, being “The Man Who Broke the Bat”. But I’ve always seen him as a luchador hopped up in steroids. But, in the film, he doesn’t look so comical anymore. Tom Hardy and Nolan’s revision of the mask, made him a more imposing and belicose character. I only wish that his mask allowed him to speak more clearly.

Then there came Bruce Wayne’s lovers. One thing that I was giddy about while watching The Dark Knight Rises are the women in this film. Not only did Marion Cottilard and Anne Hathaway looked so fine. But they were also my crowning glory as a Bat fan. You see, years ago, after The Dark Knight came out, I speculated that Talia Al Ghul and Catwoman (Bruce being love less after Rachel Dawes) would be on the next film. I was right, and you can read all about it here (in my old blog). Too bad, the girls didn’t get catty. The fight between a ninja and a master thief would’ve been fun.

It’s epic, The Dark Knight Rises. Bane was pretty scary. Talia and Catwoman were hot as hell. The plot is amazing. There were moments in the film that made me want to jump up on my seat and yell. Yes, it was that awesome and exciting. Too bad that this movie opened with some bad news. It seems that we can’t go to movies anymore without being paranoid.

My condolences to the families of those who died at the Batman opening night in Colorado, and my prayers goes to the injured ones. 


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