[DDO] Untangling Tanglefoot Gorge

Last night, I finally finished untangling Tanglefoot Gorge in DDO. As a Druid, the adventure pack’s outdoor atmosphere certainly lent a degree of immersion. But, overall, I didn’t quite enjoy the pack that much.

First, Tanglefoot Gorge isn’t as open as Korthos Island or the Cerulean Hills. The path here are too narrow and too linear. There are still some surprises to be found, of course. Mostly dangerous surprises. There are sneaking worgs all over the place and, when you’re unlucky, you’ll stumble on high a level unique mob. Then there’s only one dungeon in here, Splinterskull, where you can do a chain of ten quests. So, the dungeon can be repetitive after a few quests.

Entrance to the Splinterskull Fortress.

On the other hand, Tanglefoot Gorge yields a lot of quick XP. From the time I played it, it got me from level 4 (rank 16) to Level 5 (Rank 22) in no time. There are 9 slayer encounters, each will yield 350 XP, and there are a lot of creatures here that will give you slayer xp real quick. If you’re up to it, you can also do all 10 Splinterskull quests in one run. Which roughly take you 2 to 4 hours to finish, depending if you visit every nook and cranny.

Like I said earlier, I didn’t quite like Tanglefoot Gorge. I like exploring its wilderness and the XP it yields. But the repetitive quests in Splinterskull made the pack a little bit of a drag for me. The loot wasn’t as good either. But, then again, that’s only because I have so much item restriction on my Monk/Druid. At least I got a better handwrap though. Overall, for 550 TP, I wouldn’t recommend Tanglefoot Gorge. Unless you’re after some quick XP.


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