[GW2] Reasons Why I’ll Skip The Final Beta

A thorny Sylvari.

Guild Wars 2’s release date is fast approaching. Like many, I’m also very excited to play the game. Before we get our hands on the final build of GW2, however, ArenaNet has given us one last opportunity to dive into the beta, and maybe find some more bugs to squash. But, as much as I want to try an Asura or the Sylvari, I’m not going to partake in the final beta weekend.

Amicrazy? Probably. But not because I’m opting out of the final BWE. My reasons for not dipping into the beta this weekend are actually sane. Here, I’ll enumerate:

  1. I’m pretty confident about the game already. In fact, next to RIFT, it’s the most playable beta I’ve ever played.
  2. I’m going to starve myself of Guild Wars 2 and build up my anticipation.
  3. I’d rather use my weekend on other things. Like reading or leveling my toons in DDO and LotRO. Because I won’t have time for everything else once Guild Wars 2 comes out.
  4. I’ll be camping in theaters this Friday, watching The Dark Knight Rises over and over again, and again.
  5. I have to work on Sunday.

Ok, maybe reason #4 isn’t so sane at all. But, hey, it’s Batman + Christopher Nolan + Anne Hathaway in a tight catsuit + the movie’s plot is possibly based on Knightfall (one of my favorite Batman story arcs). Those are some of the best things I love in life. So, the movie is going to be a riot. But to those who are going to participate on the beta, enjoy the game. Squash some more bugs for me.



  1. #5 sure sucks 😦

    1. It sure does.

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