[LotRO] Swift Travel Isn’t Swift Enough

It takes 2:23 minutes to get from Buckland to Adso’s Camp. Traveling from Stock to Hobbiton will take you a good 2:09 minutes. From West Bree to Hengstacer’s Farm, the travel time is 2:38 minutes. All those two minutes of down time. Two minutes of watching your horse’s behind as it traverse from point to point. I know, it’s called swift –not instant– travel. Still, swift travel in LotRO isn’t swift enough for me.

Getting from point A to point B using the swift travel is a thrill kill.

One might say, “It’s only two minutes”. Yes, it’s only two minutes. But I’m a frugal man, and time is gold (although I waste it on playing games). I just can’t idly sit and wait for my horse to get to point b. So, to make use of those two minutes, I try to:

  1. Play with Brain Age 2 tests (Sign Finder, Change Maker, or both).
  2. Write some drafts for this blog (I wrote the first paragraph of this entry while traveling from Hengstacer’s Farm to West Bree).
  3. Write some checks.
  4. Check e-mail.
  5. Fiddle with my guitar.
  6. Read a page of a book
  7. Read 1/5th of a comic book.

So, those are the things I’ve done while using LotRO’s swift travel. What about you? Do you think the swift travel isn’t swift enough too? Have you done something to make use of those 2 minutes?



  1. Wait, those aren’t swift travel routes. Try West Bree to Hobbiton – that’s a swift travel route and the total time is seconds: riding animation as you ride out of town, then a loading screen, and animation as you finish. Unless the route actually says “swift travel” it’ll just be a normal travel route, which can be pretty lengthy (I think Rivendell to Echad Candelleth is the longest in the game at just over 6:30. Ouch!)

    1. Now this is what happens when you play a game drunk, and then write about your experience drunk. I thought every time you use a Stable Master it’s called Swift Travel.

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