[LotRO] The Eradicator, The Executioner, The Undying

I finally got all the deeds from slaying insects at the Midgewater Marsh. I’ve also done enough quests to earn the final Bree-Land Adventurer deed. So, with those things accomplished, I moved out of the marshes and into the Old Forest.

I like the Old Forest. It’s pretty dangerous. The place got killer trees, roots that can kill you, and some creepy-crawlies. Then, there’s the music. It’s loud and suggests that you are in danger. Fortunately, I was level 19, four levels higher than the mob in the area. So, I wasn’t in any trouble at all.

In addition, I also had two bodyguards with me.

The Eradicator (L) and the Executioner (R)

The high level players came out of nowhere and just started tagging along with me, killing everything I hit, cheering me on, without saying anything. I know they were just being nice, helping out a lowbie like me. But I was actually annoyed. So, I just left my toon standing for a while and started drafting this very post. To give them credit, both players actually stayed for a bit before giving up on me. I’ll probably seek their guilds out when I get to the big leagues.

Also, I dinged 20!


I got to level 20 without dying once. That’s an accomplishment right there. Of course, after I dinged, a two trees and some roots ganged up on me. So, I’m going to get my revenge, kill 60 of them trees and get my deed too.



  1. mmochick · · Reply

    I’ve just hit that area aswell at lvl18 and I have to say them trees are darn nasty!! They hit real hard and I have successfully managed to die almost everytime I enter that forest for my quest 😦 also is it possible to get a mount in this game without spending cash??? I bought the riding skill and thought that was it……. But no that’s not the case, and to be honest I can’t see me grinding my way thru to get the mount now 😦 and the travelling on the map is slowing me down a lot?

    1. I don’t know if you can get a free horse without spending real money. Because I have a mount which I got for having a 5 year old account. I’m pretty sure Syp or the guys from Casual Stroll to Mordor could help you there.

  2. Congrats on your Undying title!
    And mmochick, you still need to buy a mount (after getting the riding skill) but those just cost in-game money. Go see Éogar at Hengstacer farm outside Bree. They’ve changed up the mount access over the years… since you are level 18, wait until level 20 to get a normal mount instead of the starter one.

    1. Thanks, man. I took a long time getting to 20 without dying.

  3. mmochick · · Reply

    Thanks for the help, I need to get around quicker lol.

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