Dirt Cheap Games #6

In case you don’t know, the great Steam Summer Sale is going on right now. I actually thought I missed this sale last week, while I was without power. Because this usually happens in or around the 4th of July.

The front page of Steam Summer Sale

As of this writing, I haven’t found anything cheap enough for me to want. But this sale is up until July 22. So, we still got 9 more batch of Daily Deals. In addition, Steam has also throw in some Flash Deals that refreshes with a new game every 8 hours. Then there’s also the Community’s Choice, a poll where the community gets to decide which game goes on sale. This poll also restarts every 8 hours.

The Summer Sale is also giving some love to DDO and LotRO players. Because, now, their starter packs are 50% off. Now, I’m trying to talk myself out of getting that LotRO starter pack. But the Evendim, Misty Mountains and North Downs quest packs are pretty tempting. Not to mention I’ll also get a faster horse, XP boost and 1,000 Turbine Points. All of these for $15.


  1. Did you buy Terraria? I bought it 2 days earlier at full price 😦
    Still worth the extra dollars tho 😀

    1. Oh, man. Don’t you hate it when that happens? You buy something and then the very next day it goes on sale.

      I’ve been wanting to buy Terraria. But I’ve got a lot of back logs that I want to play first, and I’m sure I won’t have time to play that game. So, right now, on my list, I’m just waiting for Risen 2 to go on sale. I also got Space Marine, which is also on my list.

  2. The Lord of the Rings Online one is truly tempting. I missed it when it was introduced but I think I will wait until the last day. Just in case they put it cheaper in one of the daily deals. >_> <_<

    And it seems like you got at least one of your wishes fulfilled. Space Marine is part of the daily deals today. 🙂

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